Update on planned reforms to the work permit process

Update on planned reforms to the work permit process

The Migration Agency has now submitted the report to the Swedish Government with the plans to reform the immigration process for highly qualified labour to Sweden.

The new model to make the work permit application more efficient, and easier for employers and foreign employees will include the following changes:

·         The creation of “international recruitment units” and “service teams” to directly support employers who employ highly skilled labour (within the identified occupational groups)

·         Improved e-service for work permit applications. The Migration Agency will throughout the fall be modifying its online permit application  portal.

·         The processing time will depend on what category of occupation and/or type of permit. Four categories, A to D, will be created.

·         Category A covers highly qualified occupations within 3 fields: senior managers, positions requiring advanced university degrees, and positions requiring higher education. The occupational code (SSYK) will determine what positions are classified as “highly qualified”, and a list of eligible SSYK codes is being established. Applications that fall within Category A will be processed within 30 days.

·         Category B includes, amongst others, ICT, EU-Blue card and permits for research. This category, along with C and D, will be processed within 4 months.

Implementation of the new model is planned for the end of 2023, which is when the current “Fast track” certification model will be phased out. Immigration providers such as Alfa, will even after these reforms have taken place, be able to advise and support employers with work permit applications.

Maintenance requirement for work permits

The proposed minimum salary level is set to be implemented on 1 November 2023. The minimum salary requirement will be set at 80% of the median salary, as determined by the Swedish Statistics Agency. Currently that corresponds to a monthly salary of SEK 26 560. Over 70% of all work permit applications filed with the Migration Agency are for positions with a salary of SEK 26 560 or higher.

Alfa will continue to inform our clients, as information is made available by the Migration Agency.

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