We Simplify The Relocation Process

Every relocatee is unique and requires a set of solutions.

We provide a tailor-made journey, specifically for your needs and requirements – throughout the entire process.

Consulting Visa & Work Home Finding International Tax Education Door to Door Shipping Storage

Relocation is a complex journey. Therefore, it needs 360° support.

Relocation is a complex journey.

Therefore, it needs 360° support.

Watch our unique way:

Therefore, needs 360° support.


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We focus on the life cycle of mobility customer:

Let us support you with 360° personalized solutions:

Real Estate

Dealing with housing dilemmas and taxation issues can be difficult. Take advisors of Ocean unique global partnership.

Shipping household goods

Having trouble deciding what personal items to send abroad?
Knowing all of your options in advance will help you build the shipping package that
suites your needs.

International tax

Did you know that even during relocation you are still obligated to report to the local tax authorities?

Relocation for employees

A tailormade relocation program will allow you to meet the different needs of your employees while staying within the budget limits of your company and maintaining high ROI.

Employment agreement consulting

Calculating your salary, your spouse's earning loss, pension fund, advanced study fund and occupational medical insurance - we’ve got it ALL covered with the information you need to make the right decision - without all the stress.

Relocation consulting

“How will our new life look like? Will we be able to keep the same standard of living?” Professional consultancy is the assistance you need in order to understand all the many various aspects of relocation

International education

Worried about your kids’ education during relocation? Learning about the local education system with reliable and credible information along with support and consulting will ensure that you make the right decisions.

Furniture Rental

Waiting for your furniture to arrive or trying to decide how to furnish your new house? Save time, money and trouble with our short-term home furniture rental services that offer a secure and convenient solution.

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