The ultimate guide for relocation with kids

Relocation is a complicated process that requires planning and preparations, in many cases, it is the family members that are relocating with us that are “forgotten” a little bit behind, even though they don’t have any choices regarding the relocation to the country of destination.

Why can relocating be harder for the little ones?

The kids usually know about this transition only after a decision was already made and they need to “follow the instructions” from now on.

It is important that kid have a thorough preparation that include:

  • Information about the country of destination.
  • Requirements of educational institutes.
  • Help with language.
  • Creating social relations with kids that live in the country of destination.

We believe that these preparations will minimize the shocks resulting from changing life center. We need to remember that we disconnect them for an undefined period from their familiar place, language, friends, and family.

Preparing the kids before the relocation is a standalone process

There are kids that will easily adapt due to their personality traits and the environment, and there are kids that the relocation process will be a challenge for them. It is a process that needs to be carried out to reduce uncertainty and insecurity.

This is the ultimate guide for relocation with kids

The following guide contains ideas and strategies that will assist both you and your kids when relocating:

Preparations before takeoff

Share the process with your kids from the beginning. Explain to them what is about to happen, give them a real sense that they are a part of the decision-making process. Make sure to share with them the process of choosing the property where the family will live, listen, and consider their opinions regarding the new educational institute. This process might be tough with some power
struggles. Be patient.

Tell them about the new place

Before relocating, gather information about the country of destination: show them videos of this place, read books, and pass them the information, browse the net to find sites that are related to the country of destination. It is also recommended to teach the kids a few basic words in the local language. You can also explain about the experiences, food, nature, and attractions in the country of destination.

Preparations for a soft landing

The relocation process might be considered, for children, as a fateful action.

  • Open a user for them in relevant social media and applications so they can easily communicate with their friends.
  • Buy them a present for their new room, to open upon arrival.
  • Let them take some games and personal favorite stuff they can share. with their new friends.
  • Plan with them how to organize their new room and the house, so they will have something to look forward to.

Don’t skimp the advantages

Many studies show that people that relocated as kids, grew up with some fine qualities such as the ability to cope with changes better. Furthermore, the fact that they experienced a different culture, getting to know a new language, all these are great advantages you should emphasize to your kids. Make sure to give them the feeling that they have a great privilege to enjoy.

Celebrate the relocation: throw a party for the occasion

It is very important that the relocation will feel like a new exciting and challenging journey. Make sure to throw a party before leaving, in which the kids will take photos of their beloved ones, maybe receive some presents, and most of all celebrate the occasion. It is important that the atmosphere is pleasant, and that a feeling of curiosity is created around the kids about the relocation. Make sure that family and friends ask them about the country of destination.


At the end of the day, the relocation process involves obstacles that must be overcome. It is important that you and your kids will find the advantages of this experience. Make sure the entire family is involved in the decision-making processes from the beginning. The very act of sharing will make it very easy for the family and will help during the relocation. Enjoy.


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