Summary of 2016 for mobiles around the world

In which country did the world’s evaders choose as the safest, which is the most peaceful and where did Israel come from? Mobiles from around the world rated the quality of life in the country in which they are located for quality of life index.

In the survey, they were asked about leisure, transportation, health and well-being, security and happiness.

Fresh air and a good health system

After a two-year stay in third place, this year Austria climbs slightly and stands in second place. The small European country came first in the health and well-being category and its participants are also very pleased with the quality of the environment in it (96% of the respondents gave it positive feedback on the matter).

Only 3% of respondents had negative feedback on the country, compared with an average of 20% at a global level. 72% of respondents gave positive feedback on the level of transportation in Austria and 93% gave it a positive rating on personal security and tranquility.

But alongside the joy, Austria was also ranked low when it came to happiness and leisure – 31st out of 67. Still, seven out of 10 passengers in Austria are satisfied (only 17% said they were unhappy).

Japan is a leader in transportation

Japan climbed from seventh place directly to third place this year, mainly due to its peaceful lifestyle (99.03% gave it a positive rating on this subject). In the context of personal security, Japan received 79%, twice the global average.

In the transportation category, Japan came in first place. Eight out of 10 mobiles indicate that the quality of transportation is excellent in it. And yet, despite these positive results, when it comes to tourism, Japan only came in 24th place.

Dropped on the list: Singapore and Ecuador

The winner of the 2015 Quality of Life Survey, Singapore, came in eighth place this year. Although in the category of tourism and transportation it came in first place, in most other categories it dropped significantly. The issues addressed by the mobility are the cost of the health system and leisure activities.

Ecuador, which came in second place last year, also dropped to 18th place, mainly because of the tourism and transportation sectors, with its carriers claiming they had no opportunities to travel.

Israel is weakening

Israel deserves a lot of mobility every year, some for long-term positions and some for short periods. And they rate us, too. If last year we came to the honorable place, 15th place on the list, this year we dropped to only 29th place. Although in the context of well-being and health we are ranked fifth, when it comes to personal security and homeland security, we came in 57th place.

Together with Israel, the countries that have dropped from a high position on the list are: China, Romania and South Africa.

And in the first place…

The new contender in the table immediately slipped to first place among the 67 states in the poll. Taiwan is the queen of quality of life for mobiles for 2016, mainly due to the level of health services there.

Although it did not reach number one in any of the categories, it still received the status desired by those who move in it: 94% positive feedback on the nature of the health system (compared to 67% of the global average), 99% rated it safe, and nine out of ten respondents reported a peaceful life.

Overall, Taiwan seems to be explaining its approach to the carrier.

Survey results:

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