Top 5 Cities in Israel to Move To

Israel is a small state located in the Middle East with an 8.7 million population. This is one of the most renowned immigration destinations for foreigners from all parts of the globe with Jewish origins. Israel’s standard of living at this point is comparable and often goes beyond many developed nations in Western Europe.

This state has very comfortable weather, modern medicine, a strong high-tech economy, and a high-quality education system. Average wages reach $3000 per month, but to look for work in Israel for foreigners is hard. Let’s see the five best cities to move back to Israel.


Despite the political and tense military situation, Jerusalem is the best city to move back to Israel. A holy place for many people on earth, Jerusalem is packed with superb and colorful history, sights, and rich cultures- from the Yad Vashem to Wailing Wall. Israel is situated on a plateau in the Mountains of Judean between the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. Its population is approximately 919 thousand. It is also considered the oldest city in the whole world.

Tel Aviv

This city is considered the most important commercial, cultural, industrial, and financial center of the country, situated on the coast of the Mediterranean. This is the 2nd most populous city, second to Jerusalem, and a home of 432, 000 residents. The city has the strongest urban economy in the whole region of the Middle East; therefore, it is regarded as a superb city not just for moving to Israel but for employment as well.


Next on the list is Haifa. This city is situated in the northern part of Israel, with a 284,000 population. This is one of the country’s most thriving places for family immigration and residence permits. The air is fresh and clean, and good infrastructure. There are many places for fun and recreation during the day and a lot of nightclubs, pubs, and restaurants.  So, for those who are looking for a perfect place for relocation overseas, this is the best choice.


If you consider international relocation, particularly in Israel, Ashdod is the perfect place to stay. This is the 6th biggest port in the country, situated in the southern portion of the country on the Mediterranean Sea. A lot of ex-pats get a working visit to Israel to work in Tel Aviv and reside in Ashdod, which is just 32 kilometers away. Ashdod is the perfect choice for relocation overseas due to its low rental prices, and the city is quickly growing and developing.

Beer Sheva

Beer Sheva is also an ideal place to move back to Israel. It has a population of 209,000 and is situated in the southern part of the country. A vital scientific, industrial and cultural center can be found here. Beer Sheva is a quieter, comfortable place and will give you a comfortable life.


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