The difference between an international shipping company and a relocation company with international shipping

International shipping , the art of creating a customer – centric experience

Ostensibly, one would think that international shipping is a logistic service; a service that is technical to the core. International shipping brings up thoughts of packing, moving, and unpacking again.

But, is that (really) all there is?

Actually, it is a bit more complicated than that. In fact, shipping the contents of your home involves the planning and management of the whole process and not just the shipping itself. It includes the sorting of your personal processions, taking into consideration the house you will be moving into, as well as taking into consideration dozens of other possible consequences that may arise.

Shipping companies –The goal of shipping companies is to provide you with international shipping service. Their discussion with you, the client, only focuses on the logistics of the shipping. There is no room in this discussion for your personal needs and generally there is no accounting for your individual situation.

Using shipping company when relocating is like purchasing a wedding gown in a department store.

So, how does this affect my relocation?

First of all, it is important to understand that the shipping process should be managed and planned to suit your personal needs.

When putting together your shipping plan, it is vital to give considerable thought to your new home.

While working on your shipping plan, it is natural to start thinking, and maybe worrying, about all the things you may need related to your shipping and your move. When you engage a relocation company, these additional needs can be met and answered, your worries alleviated and most importantly –you are not alone in your planning.

Many people are given to think that international shipping and logistical procedures are the focal point of their relocation plan, however, it is essential to remember that you are not just shipping your possessions, you are relocating every aspect of your life to a new destination. It will be helpful for you to remember that there are many additional factors that can have a dramatic influence on the relocation process.

Having a professional whose only purpose is to accompany and guide you through the confounding complexities of the entire relocation with minimal shock, from the very beginning of the journey through settling into Israel, can make the difference between a smooth landing and a crash.

It is important that the relocation company you choose have professionals who are able to manage your affairs throughout the journey, from the very beginning and throughout your settling in to your new home. During this process, it is likely that you will require assistance from professionals (i.e. tax advisor, accountant) and suppliers (i.e. furniture rental).

Another advantage to a relocation company is that all of the services required for your journey are under one roof, giving the added advantage of a highly honed in communication between professionals, allowing for an even more tailor-made execution of all of the services, inevitably saving you valuable time, money and frustration.

These same relocation professionals can access relevant information for you in real time, allowing you to choose the path that is the most suitable for you, within your relocation budget. You can relax, confident in the knowledge that you are getting the most for your money, in the most effective manner possible, enabling you to have a faster and optimal acclamation.

Your personal journey manager will work with you to put together a suitable timetable and identify creative solutions for you as you await the arrival of your cargo.

Your journey manager will also make sure that you receive all relevant information and keep you updated, reminding you about everything related to your personal relocation journey, even after you are settled into your new home.

So you see, the complexity of shipping of your personal and life-long possessions is best understood by Relocation Companies.

Remember – relocation is not done.
Relocation is planned.


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