San Diego Spending $2.4 Million To Relocate 50 Homeless People | Channel 933

The city of San Diego is using 2.4 million dollars in California grant funding to house 50 homeless people near the old Central Library downtown.

The Union Tribune says part of the money will go toward securing around six blocks in the areas so the encampments do not return.

While not large geographically, some stretches have dense encampments, including the sidewalk on the north side of E Street that has been filled with tents between Seventh and Eighth avenues.

In presenting the plan to the San Diego City Council, the city’s Homelessness Strategies and Solutions Department Director said the effort will begin in about two months and will differ from traditional outreach work by providing a more intense and personal focus on each person’s individual needs.

The $2.4 million state grant was awarded to the city in October.

1.2 million will be used for housing and flexible subsidies, and $950,000 will go toward outreach services for people in encampments.

The grant will provide $150,000 for support services to help people stabilize when they receive housing, and $116,500 will pay for administrative costs.

Once encampments are cleared from the city, the grant will provide $30,000 to keep the area secure and prevent encampments from returning.

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