Relocation Consulting: The relocation process at Ocean

Ocean is a company that deals with mobility and copying quality of life from point to point.

We at Ocean understand that different people have different needs and different preferences, this is why moving abroad, copying quality of life from point to point differs from one to another and creates different options. The solutions we offer are adapted to the nature of the transition and the challenges that the family poses when it seeks to move to live in the sand, the country of origin and the country of destination.

For over seven decades we have been engaged in smart mobility, technological superiority and progress have helped us to develop a model that allows every mobile in the country and around the world to enjoy creative thinking.

The working method and planning of the relocation at Ocean allow us to offer each customer in a simple way, a basket of relevant options for him. The process of moving abroad with Ocean produces the easiest, most pleasant and affordable way including solutions for buying or renting real estate and advanced logistics services for copying quality of life from point to point.

Thinking Produces Solutions

Is one mobile – similar to another? Will solutions that fit like a glove next to one family that wants to move to live in the sand be able to adapt in the same way to another family? Can a family moving from place to place anticipate future occurrences in the new place, in the country or in the world?

Creative management of the process of moving abroad

To provide a customized solution for each customer. Each relocation is managed by a client manager. Ocean’s extensive experience and world-wide working relationships are available to every customer and allow us to provide an excellent solution and put the customer’s needs at the center.

The way to the best solution for the mobile and family that will move to live in the sand is to understand their needs along with them.
Therefore, in each application we hold 3 steps.

Step 1: Characterization, locating and sorting needs center.

A personal characterization questionnaire that forms the basis for the transition plan.

Step 2: Transition planning consultant
A client manager who chooses together with the client the most appropriate business model.

Step 3: Relocation Consulting Team
A skilled and dedicated staff that makes the transition a pleasant experience.

This method allows us to:
Streamlining the transition and making it a pleasant process
Financial gain and cost reduction
Control of the transition process
Quick and convenient absorption in the destination country
A contact person in the country who accompanies you throughout the period
And above all, peace of mind and a “smooth” transition

The circle of services in the field of relocation

* Accompaniment and personal commitment
* Intercultural tutorials for the whole family
* Language studies
* Assistance to the spouse
* Car Rental
* Buying and equipping the house
* Packing and unloading services
* cleaning services
* Medical insurance
* Shipping Contents insurance
* Assistance with labor laws in the destination country
* Employment plan for employees
Tax consulting and planning in the destination country
* Survey of life before arrival
* Appraisal services
Storage of apartment contents
* Rental of long-term permanent housing
* Solutions in education systems


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