Moving from New York to Israel

Relocation overseas is never easy. Relocation from NY overseas is even harder. Those who have grown accustomed to the city’s opportunities and conveniences might find it hard for them to find a suitable location. However, with the right information and some preliminary research, it will feel like home too. Here are several factors to consider when choosing a home during relocation.


One of the first things to consider during relocation to Israel would be the preferrable method for transportation. A returning resident moving back to Israel is certain to notice the difference in that respect, especially one who is moving from NY overseas.

Israel’s transportation system is not as sophisticated as the New York subway system. Tel Aviv, for example, is still in the process of establishing its first light train system. Then again, the growing number of vehicles on Israeli roads is making it more and more difficult for people to drive without terrible traffic.

Choosing a location that suits your transportation needs and capabilities is very important for you to live a calm and happy life.

Cost of living

Some cities in Israel are substantially more expensive to live in than others. Tel Aviv for example is one of the top 10 most expensive cities in the world, both in terms of housing and consumption prices. In contrast, Beersheba is one of the cheaper ones, especially in terms of housing. This must be considered when planning a budget for relocation to Israel.


New York contains many areas that vary widely in terms of crime rates. This fact applies to Israel just as well. Some particular cities are known to have high crime rates, with varying degrees of safety, whereas most others are relatively safe. Additionally, some areas (especially in the south) are more prone to be involved in combat because of rocket attacks.

Finding the right schools

Moving to Israel also means relocation to other schools. When choosing your destination, to maintain New York’s high level of education, one must make sure to research beforehand about the types of schools that could suit your children’s needs.

Relocation with ease

Moving overseas can be very overwhelming. A good idea would be to consult with international relocation services. This is where Ocean Relocation comes in.

Ocean Relocation provides a convenient and time saving way to make your relocation to Israel as smooth as possible. Helping with aspects such as school searching, tax consultation, housing, storage, visa management and more, everything you need to ensure maximum efficiency during relocaiton is included in its service package. 


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