Moving from Los Angeles to Israel

Moving to Israel is an opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you are a new citizen or a former one moving back to Israel, the experience is bound to be a positive. Citizens of Los Angeles will especially feel at home owing to several unique properties Israel has. Here is a short article describing the advantages of such a move.

Job opportunities

Even if you are not a former resident moving back to Israel for their job, many workplace opportunities exist for those with the right skills and knowledge.

Israel is filled with job positions in the technology sector which can provide some great salaries, even by western standards. California is known for its specialty in the computer and high – tech industries, so relocation from California to Israel should be quite a lucrative deal for those in the field.

Similar climate

Los Angeles’s warm climate and beaches are often sought after by Americans. Israel, although with a Mediterranean climate, can provide a suitably pleasant experience for LA residents looking to feel at home, but with the perks of living in Israel.

Liberal citizens

The general population in Los Angeles is known to be quite progressive by American standards. Israel also has many communities of similar agendas and views. A returning resident moving back from LA should be quite content with a relocation to Tel Aviv for example, since it contains many citizens with similar views.

An accepting Jewish community

One of Israel’s greatest appeals to the international Jewish community is the fact that it’s a Jewish majority state. Traditional Jewish holidays and cultures are regularly celebrated, which provides ample opportunity for foreign Jews to feel more connected to their heritage. No Jew is ever discriminated for his religion there.

This has historically attracted many Jewish immigrants from different countries and is still a great reason for moving back to Israel.

A convenient way to move

Los Angeles is a very distant destination to move from to Israel and could come with some challenges. That’s why relocation services like Ocean Relocation have become so relevant.

Ocean Relocation provides a personal, day one relocation consultation program for anyone looking to move to Israel. Finding schools for children, help with tax returns, and choosing a home are just some of the perks provided by their experienced staff members.

By choosing Ocean you can be sure that relocating to your new home abroad will be swift, convenient and with as little headache as possible. 


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