Maybe you’ll be Amazon’s next employees?

Amazon is setting up another headquarters in North America and will open its doors to another 50,000 employees.

In addition to its Seattle-based head offices, the online retail giant is now looking for a new target and is even offering $5 billion in capital expenditures to the city that will agree to host it.

The city that wins the tender will give its residents the opportunity to work for the most innovative company in the world of online commerce. Among the names that have popped up in rumors are big cities like Boston, Miami and New York, alongside less central cities like Austin and Pittsburgh.

If it’s good for Amazon, it’s good for me.

According to the company, the location of the new headquarters will be chosen according to criteria such as the size of the area, which should accommodate at least one million residents; proximity to the airport; high-level education; A business-friendly environment and other elements that will attract talent from the technology world to the area. This means that there may be many proposals for relocation once the fruit falls.

Recode, which specializes in technology news, has grown to help Amazon and created a map of cities where there is the potential to employ workers in aspects of human capital, the efficiency of public transportation and the cost of living and more.

How do I join the health system in France?

As mentioned above, you must join the French National Insurance Institute. If you’re moving around the workplace, the employer should take care of this bureaucracy for you. If not, you should take care of it yourself at English speaking CPAM branches.

After registration you will receive a health plan card, which in France is called Carte Vital, through which you can receive a service. As in Israel, you will also be asked in France to pay a relative amount for certain treatments. If you do not have the card, you will have to pay the full price instead of the handler and then submit refund forms. The refund will go directly into your bank account and so the system will also remind you in the future. If you also have private insurance, you will need to contact the company separately for the refund from it.

The site examined 20 U.S. cities and found that Washington is the most expensive to set up offices. On average, the cost per square meter for sale for business needs is $595 (per square meter). In Columbus, Ohio, cheaper. In fact, they’re on the other side of the barricade with an average price of $61 per square foot. And yet, for the $604 Amazon pays in Seattle, Washington sounds cheap, too.

Start rubbing your LinkedIn profile

But leave the real estate aspect for a moment, which accounts for only four percent of the company’s total expenses. 50 percent of total expenses are directly related to employee employment. And this is where there are a lot of opportunities for talent from all over the world.

In big cities like Washington, New York and Seattle, it may not be a problem to find workers with high technical skills, as is required by Amazon. But what about the smaller cities? It might be cheaper to set up offices, but aren’t there enough employees?

In that case, Amazon knows you’re going to need to move employees. Fortunately, Amazon has many years of experience in moving employees, also employees from Israel and therefore – all options are open. But, with U.S. President Donald Trump’s new immigration policy, they might even reconsider the establishment of offices within U.S. borders. Or as Senia Goodell, chief economist at Zillow, argues, “perhaps it would be wiser to consider Canada.”


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