Living in Switzerland: 5 things you will not find in the country

Switzerland, Switzerland, Switzerland – What thoughts come to mind when you think of this country? chocolate? Snowy mountains? Julie Andrews in the movie Sounds of Music? Eurovision? There is no doubt that Switzerland raises a lot of thoughts and questions about how many people think about the 5 things it has but does not have in Israel.

Cold people

The Swiss are not really cold people, but they do not tend to open up and connect easily. They are not as spontaneous as in Israel, they actually like events and pre-planned meetings. So if you want to meet new friends during the relocation to Switzerland, you should invite them to dinner with a few days’ notice in advance and slowly gain their trust and form friendships.

The level of taxes varies depending on the area of ​​residence

Switzerland is divided into areas called cantons and each has different laws and a different taxation system. Yes, it sounds weird but it’s completely true. Each canton pays a different amount of tax and sometimes there are differences in taxation within the canton itself (between an urban area and a rural area).

Zurich, Geneva and Bern are considered high-taxing cities while gates like Zug and Uri are considered low-taxing.

General day off

Sundays in Switzerland are defined as rest days where the shops are closed, so it is recommended to finish all shopping and arrangements by Saturday at five in the afternoon. But while all the shops are closed, there are a variety of activities and events that can be taken part in such as festivals and fairs.

Consideration for others

Every country has laws and regulations designed to maintain order, but in Switzerland you will be surprised to find that there are laws and regulations designed to maintain the good order, peace and quiet of the people around you. A common example of such a regulation can be found in a contract for renting an apartment in Switzerland. Many landlords tend to include in the contract a clause asking tenants not to shower or to flush the water after ten o’clock at night. True, to us Israelis this sounds strange but in Switzerland it is a common thing.

Another example of consideration for neighbors in Switzerland is not to do laundry or make too much noise on Sundays defined as rest days. In contrast, smoking at bus or train stations is considered acceptable.

Crazy weather

If the weather in Israel is fairly well known and it is clear to everyone that Israel is a hot country almost all year round, then nothing can be said about Switzerland. The weather in Switzerland is cold and there are areas where there is snow this year or cold sun all year.

The weather varies greatly between the mountainous areas and the rural areas. Sometimes, the weather is so crazy and changeable that in one day you can also enjoy the sun, both endure the cold and even walk down the street with an umbrella and coat.

There is no doubt that relocating to a country like Switzerland will be an experience like no other. The more you read and persevere about this beautiful and cold country you will be able to acclimatize more easily and enjoy all the good things it has to offer you.


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