Living in Portugal: 4 things you will not find in the country

When you think of Portugal you think of a siesta, a blue sea and good food, but when you think of relocation to Portugal you have to think well of the differences between it and Israel because as warm and welcoming the people there are, there are at least 4 things in our country.

What are those four things? – Keep reading!

Cheap cost of living

Everyone knows that Israel is one of the most expensive countries to live in, but compared to Portugal they find that Portugal is significantly cheaper.

The average cost of living in Portugal ranges from 1500 euros to 2500 euros per couple, depending on the city where they chose to live. Expenditure on food ranges from 200 to 400 euros per month as there are many markets and fresh agricultural produce in the country.

If we compare, for example, the price of a bottle of good wine in Israel and the price of a bottle of good wine in Portugal, you will find that while in Israel a bottle of wine will cost about 50 shekels, in Portugal it will cost only 5 euros, which is less than 20 shekels.

Encouraging immigration from foreign countries

Portugal welcomes people from other countries with open arms and to encourage more and more people to come to it they provide various benefits. The biggest and even most important benefit is a 50% tax benefit by 2023.

Between 2011-2016 there was a large abandonment of Portuguese residents to foreign countries and now to strengthen the country and bring new residents to it the government encourages immigration from foreign countries so if you are considering relocating to Europe Portugal may be the destination for you.

One of the best public health services in the world

In 2018, Portugal won 32nd place out of 195, in the ranking of public health services in different countries. The country has a public health system that provides free health services to residents under the age of 18 or over the age of 65.

Since there is a high chance that you are not in this age range, it is important for you to know that public health insurance for all residents born in Portugal and also for foreign residents who move to it is medical insurance provided at significantly subsidized costs.

Free Compulsory Education Law

Unlike the State of Israel in Portugal, every boy and girl is entitled to free education until the age of 18, but the studies take place in the Portuguese language. There are a number of international English-language schools in the country, but they charge an annual tuition fee ranging from 7,000 euros to 16,000 euros.

In conclusion, it sounds like Portugal is a paradise for people and families from foreign countries. It provides benefits to immigrants, provides free education for children, offers countless beautiful landscapes and allows you to live the good life without spending a lot of money.

We believe that not all glitter is golden and are aware that problems may also arise in the transition process. Therefore, it is advisable to contact our relocation consultants and check with them how the relocation process can be managed smoothly, quickly and without any glitches.


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