Education guidance before and during relocation

Education guidance before and during relocation

For decades, we have been accompanying families during all stages of the relocation process. Our experience has taught us that is crucial and important to preserve the mother tongue and to acquire a new language, especially when it comes to children.

In this article we will share our knowledge in achieving the goal in the first two stages of relocation- getting ready, and settling in.

The planning and organization stage- getting ready:

This stage lasts about 6-7 months and even longer

  1. Receive reliable information regarding the education systems in the new destination and share this information with the children.
  2. Create a student profile for each child including all relevant aspects- social, behavioral, and academic. If an educational diagnosis is in need, it must be done in advance in the country of origin, with a professional translation to English.
  3. Make sure the children learn the new language beforehand.

The acclimation stage – settling in:

In this stage the family adapts to the new location, a stage that lasts about a year and is different for each one of the family members.

  1. Make the children feel confident- preserve the mother tongue by speaking it at home, watching movies and reading books in the native language, keep in contact with friends and the extended family from the country of origin.
  2. Purchase textbooks and booklets in your country beforehand and practice them together in the new country.

Children in relocation go through a complex process that varies from child to child. It is the parents’ responsibility to assist them in their emotional, social and linguistic development.



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